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The US Kaydeli Group was established in Texas in 1966 USA Kaydeli was set up the HK production base in 1996 named Kaydeli Group HK Co Ltd With the rapid development Kaydeli move to Shenzhen Guangdong province and establish Shenzhen Kaydeli Refrigeration Equipment Co Ltd in 2012 hereinafter referred to as Kaydeli Kaydeli designs researches and developes operates Kaydeli brand chiller heat recovery unit environmental chiller laser chiller cold oil machine mold temperature chiller low temperature freezer we are professional in the engineering and manufacturing cooling and temperature control equipment We are among top 10 in the cooling equipment field in China introduce a lot of advanced...

Categories and Products

Low Temperature Chiller

Low Temperature Air Cooled Chiller

Low temperature cold water chiller trap circulation pump Air cooled screw chiller Low temperature air cooled chiller temp 

Ultra Low Temperature Water Chiller

Industrial water cooled low temperature chiller 

Low Temperature Explosion Proof Chiller

Low temp water cooled chiller lab 

Low Temperature Water Cooled Freezer

Medium temperature water cooling unit Explosion proof low temperature chiller Cascade cryogenic water cooling chiller Circulating low temperature chiller Integrated water cooling and cryogenic unit Low temperature water cooled chiller Low temperature water cooling chiller Acid resistant cold water chiller Ethylene glycol cold water chiller 

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Air Cooled Chiller

Air cooled industrial chiller 

Water Cooled Industrial Cooling System

Water cooling and freezing unit 

Air Cooled Industrial Refrigerating Equipment

Industrial Chiller Air Cooled Water Chiller Industry Laser Equipment Air Cooled Chiller 5HP Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Air Cooling Ice Water Chiller New Arrival Air Cooled Cased Industrial Chiller 8HP Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Air Cooled Water Chiller For Swimming Pools 20HP Air Cooled Water Chiller 25HP Air Cooled Water Chiller 35HP Air Cooled Water Chiller 40hp Air Cooled Water Chiller 50hp Air Cooled Water Chiller 60hp Air Cooled Water Chiller 30hp Air Cooled Water Chiller 

Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Chilling Equipment

Water cooler type chiller Water cooled industrial chiller Water cooled screw chiller 

Water Cooled Screw Type Industrial Chiller

Explosion proof water-cooled chiller Water Cooled Water Chiller Water cooled tank chiller Water Chiller For Laser Engraving Machine Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller Water Cooling System For Water Tank Industrial Water Chilling Machine Industrial Water Chiller Cw5000 Good Quality Sea Water Chillers Digital Thermostat Water Bath Water Cool Chiller For Injection Molding Machine Water Chiller For Laser 

Water Cooled Refrigerating System

Water cooler type industrial chiller Water cooled low temperature chiller 

Industrial Water Cooling Chiller

20HP split water industrial chiller system 

Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Refrigerator

Air cooled low temperature freezer 

Air Cooled Chilling System

air cooled chiller carrier price 50 ton air cooled chiller price water chiller air conditioner air cooled scroll chiller absorption chiller air cooled portable air cooled chiller alto chiller air cooled air cooled modular chiller domestic air cooled water chiller 10kw air cooled chiller air cooled chiller system Integrated air cooled chiller Industrial air cooled low temperature chiller 200 ton air cooled chiller Air cooled cryogenic refrigeration 

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Screw Air Cooled Chiller

screw chiller for chicken chicken slaughter machine screw chiller air cooled screw compressor chiller Air cooled screw industrial chiller air cooled rotary screw chiller 100HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 150HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 160HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 180HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 240HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 300HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 360HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 400HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 120HP single screw type Air cooled chiller 

Water Cooled Screw Freezer

Water cooled chilling equipment 

Screw Water Cooling System

water cooled screw type chiller Twin head water cooled screw chiller 

Screw Water Cooled Chiller

30HP Water cooled screw chiller 40HP Water cooled screw chiller 60HP Water cooled screw chiller 80HP Water cooled screw chiller 90HP Water cooled screw chiller 100HP Water cooled screw chiller 120HP Water cooled screw chiller 150HP Water cooled screw chiller 180HP Water cooled screw chiller 200HP Water cooled screw chiller 220HP Water cooled screw chiller 240HP Water cooled screw chiller 260HP Water cooled screw chiller 60HP Water cooled twin screw chiller 80HP water cooled twin screw chiller 100HP water cooled twin screw chiller 50HP Water cooled screw chiller 


air cooled water chiller Air cooled chiller 

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